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Specifications, employees, supervision and systematic customer contact are the key to consistent Custom Cleaning Concepts quality during the life of your cleaning contract. 

Our commitment to quality building care begins by adhering to and providing effective solutions to the specifications and guidelines set forth by your company. Managers and members of our cleaning crews use these guidelines to measure their performance against your requirements; we encourage you to use them to measure our compliance with our contract.

All Custom Cleaning Concepts employees are pre-screened before hiring. We require a police background check and drug screening before employees are put to work. Once employed by Custom Cleaning Concepts, we monitor their dependability with our MITC software program. This program requires employees to call into our systems when they arrive at your location. We are able to track the amount of time they are working and notify a supervisor if someone has not clocked in. This gives our customers a piece of mind that their building will always have a fully staffed cleaning crew to complete tasks on schedule.

Custom Cleaning Concepts is a large enough company to provide your building with its own, regular cleaning crew. In addition, we use experienced cleaning professionals to supervise all Custom Cleaning Concepts cleaning crews.  A Custom Cleaning Concepts quality control team inspects cleaning sites on a regular basis.

Systematic Customer Contact
We believe in open communication with our customers. The managers meet with you during regular business hours for feedback about our performance and for information that will help us improve service in the future.

Internal Evaluation Criteria

It is important to have a solid Quality Assurance Program. Our program consists of regular and scheduled evaluations to compare our performance to our standards.This process can be used to identify both strong and weak areas of the operation. The information obtained in an audit can be used to strengthen the operation by setting additional standards required to maintain or achieve excellence.

A successful Quality Assurance Program requires commitment to excellence by all housekeeping staff. A standard serves as a constant reminder of the level of service expected. Management reinforces the standards and welcomes input and suggestions from their associates and as well from our customers. Listed below are the steps and actions we feel constitutes a solid Quality Assurance Program. 
Detail Sheet Specifications and Training
Once employees have demonstrated they understand and can apply each aspect of the Building Service Management Program, CCC ensures that employees have continued success providing janitorial services at our client sites. The use of detail sheets has become an invaluable asset in the consistency of our employees work performance and our customers satisfaction. Our customers also use the detail sheets to observe the work being done in their facility.

The following charts are examples of how CCC ensures that each area of your office will be thoroughly cleaned and detailed each week. Each area is given a specific day to be detailed, this means spending more time cleaning the entire area thoroughly. The other areas will still be cleaned each day. CCC ensures your entire office will be cleaned from top to bottom, by the end of each week.These sheets will be customized to your facility.

We monitor our employees by requiring them to initial each task they have completed. The detail sheet holds each employee accountable, for the work that they have completed. It also provides them with a list of tasks that need to be completed in each area of the facility. This ensures that the facility will be cleaned thoroughly each day without forgetting a single task.

Copies of the detail sheets will be laminated and placed in a central location accessible to everyone. Our customers can utilize the detail sheet by verifying that the work is being completed on a daily basis. The detail sheet can also be used as means of communication with our employee’s by attaching notes for any areas that may require special attention that evening.

On the following pages you will find the below listed detail sheets:
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