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CCC’s Building Service Management Program
From cleaning crew associates to supervisors and managers, labor is an important resource. Experience has shown that a well-trained and knowledgeable staff performs desired tasks with greater efficiency and considerable savings of time. Not only does this provide clients with consistently high-quality service, it also decreases our employee turn overrate and minimizes costly mistakes. Training is indeed a crucial investment in the success of our business.

Employees acquire the knowledge they need to provide outstanding service to your company with our Building Service Management Program.  The Building Service Management Program covers not only the technical and technological aspects of building cleaning and maintenance, but also provides upper management with the skills needed to effectively manage this increasingly complex and demanding industry.  Specific learning objectives are clearly defined and an exam is administered for each session.  The completion of all sessions is essential for a thorough preparation for the Registered Building Service Manager (RBSM)examination and the Certified Sanitary Supply Professional (CSSP)examination.  Below are highlights of CCC’ straining program and the resulting associated benefits your company will receive:

Motivation and Training
Employees are a company's most valuable resource. This is especially true in the building service and management industry where direct labor comprises more than half a typical contractor's expenses, making the employees the single most expensive outlay. This volume helps CCC get the greatest return from our workers by:
Account Management
An effective manager must be skilled in many areas, from customer relations to work loading, from quality control programs to understanding his/her responsibilities within our organization.Given the fact that even experienced managers often need help in some areas,newly appointed management personnel can easily and understandably feel overwhelmed. This volume is designed to help both new and experienced managers:
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